Worshiping at McCormick

Worship is central to our life together as a seminary community. It is most meaningful when it is faithful to God’s word revealed in scripture, the movement of the Spirit, the traditions of the Church, and the life of people in this time and place. Our worship celebrates our identity as God’s people: the human family, the church family, the McCormick family.

Worship enacts our identity as the people of God by calling and sustaining us in a life of obedience to Christ. In ministry we go forth to proclaim Christ to the world and advocate for peace and justice as we care for one another, humanity, and the world to come.

Worship is the work of the people.  The gifts of the whole community are called forth as we worship together.

Worship at McCormick not only strives to be faithful, but also to be hospitable, inclusive, participatory, and yes, joyous. As an ecumenical seminary community, we recognize our oneness in Christ and invite all to join in celebration and song, in prayer and table fellowship. We encourage the wide variety of faith expression and the use of inclusive language. We further encourage worship that actively involves both leaders and worshipers.

These principles for worship at McCormick have been derived from ongoing community dialogue through the years.  In keeping with the Reformed tenet that the church truly Reformed is always being reformed, these principles are regularly subject to review and revision by the community.  The principles are understood as fundamental assumptions that inspire planning rather than as rules that bind such planning.

At a Glance

Worship Participation and Leadership

Information for students interested in community worship participation and leadership.

J-term Worship Opportunities

Services of prayer and Eucharist during January term.

Community Choir

Information about the McCormick Community Choir and musical participation in McCormick worship services.

Worship Assistants

A list of the current worship education assistants and their contact information.

Worship Opportunities

Community Worship schedule for the academic year, including special events.

Planning Worship at McCormick

Resources and guidelines for planning worship at McCormick.

Student Life Gallery

Student Life Gallery

Community Highlights

Photos from community events and activities